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Health and Safety

  • We take into account the needs of employees, visitors, customers and the public at large
  • We maintain all our policies up-to-date with the most recent legislation
  • We carry out risk assessments
  • We’ve developed and maintain precautions to control or eliminate risk with sound processes and procedures
  • We educate our employees regarding their responsibilities through thorough training
  • We ensure that Sub-contractors work to our same exacting standards
  • We’ve sought ,and we encourage, employee contribution and feedback and we’re not happy to rest on our laurels – we actively seek continual improvement
  • We ensure that safety is an integral part of management
  • We endeavour, at all times, to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment
  • We provide safe workplaces and we provide proper protective clothing and equipment – and training in its use
  • We provide appropriate First aid facilities
  • We ensure that hazardous substances are controlled per COSHH regulations

Occupational Safety and Health

Our company recognises that it has a statutory duty to comply with various regulations and codes of practice, but regards this as a minimum requirement only and affirms its commitment to strive to create and maintain an accident free environment. All employees and sub-contractors are required to co-operate with our company in carrying out company policies and must ensure that their own work, so far as is reasonably practicable, is carried out without risk to themselves or others.

The Management of our company continually monitor the operation of the company policies and visit sites and work places to give advice on the requirements of the relevant statutory provisions and safety matters generally.


You may rest assured that Rhodes Asbestos takes its Health and Safety responsibilities very seriously indeed.

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