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Asbestos Removal, Decontamination and Removal of other Hazardous and Contaminated Materials

Asbestos Disposal and Removal

We handle a wide range of size of job starting with those of a few hours duration and involving only two or three operatives, such as:

  • Clearing an Asbestos panelled garage or shed
  • Clearing Asbestos insulation board from a garage ceiling
  • Removal of a boiler and pipes containing Asbestos insulation
  • Clearing asbestos waste from fly-tipping
  • Removal of an asbestos ceiling tile from a major high street store
  • Collecting asbestos waste from individual addresses on behalf of local councils
  • Aswell as providing services for larger jobs

Hazardous Substances

Our specialisation is work associated with the removal of hazardous forms of Asbestos, however, please contact us for the removal of other hazardous substances.


We use a number of specialist tools and sevices in fulfilling your requirements, including specialist vacuum cleaners ( capable of removing extrm ely small particles), negative air movers, face masks and breathing systems, and, on a larger scale, decontamination units.


In preparation for removal of hazardous asbestos materials, a temporary sealed enclosure is constructed from high grade plastic around a wooden frame, sealed with adhesive tape. The images in the carousel show some of the stages in such a construction.

When asbestos hazardous materials are removed, they must be carefully bagged within the sealed enclosure. Bags are carefully sealed in the initial bag and then further “double bagged” prior to removal from the sealed enclosure. Note the staff wearing complete body suits and breathing masks.

The double bagged waste is removed from the sealed enclosure and taken to an appropriate licensed disposal area.

Asbestos Surveying and Sampling

Asbestos identification, removal or encapsulation is a highly specialised service which should only be carried out by organisations sufficiently qualified and experienced.The survey and sampling work is normally done by an independent organisation, either or your own choice or on Rhodes Asbestos’ recommendation. Rhodes Asbestos’ directors have worked closely with, and can recommend, an independent company with specially trained and accredited operators all of whom have a proven track record in diligently surveying for all types of asbestos in all types of property [without causing disturbance]. Rhodes Asbestos conducts the subsequent removal or encapsulation of such asbestos.

The steps to successful project management begin with a survey and then separate recommendations and the preparation of a method of operation statement, following which the actual removal or encapsulation of asbestos can be effected.

Our requirements of the survey and sampling method statement include:

Contract location, scope of work, assessment, construction of stripping zone, position and construction of airlocks, negative pressure requirements and extraction rates, tent inspection and smoke tests, respirator specification, location of decontamination units and specialist plant, asbestos removal technique, air monitoring strategy, safety and emergency procedures, asbestos disposal, schedule of specialist materials and schedule of specialist equipment.

It is vital that the survey is carried out by highly skilled and experienced staff. The process of surveying, if carried out incorrectly or with insufficient care, can actually add to the asbestos danger – and quite often does. It is at times like this that you’ll see the real benefit of trusting your asbestos management problems to one of Europe’s most competent and experienced asbestos management specialists – Rhodes Asbestos – and their approved sub-contractors.

Specialist Vacuum Cleaners – The H Type Vac

A type H vacuum cleaner, also known as an H Type Vac, is one which is suitable for collecting non-explosive dusts hazardous to health – for example, dangerous dusts such as asbestos, finely divided silica, “heavy” metal dusts and highly active pharmaceuticals. It utilises a high efficiency filtration system to contain the collected contaminants.

The Decontamination Unit

These trailer based units are ideal for decontamination following exposure to hazardous materials such as Asbestos and comprise an entrance area where clothing can be removed, a separate shower area and a final drying and dressing area with completely separate exit. All areas are individually sealed, containing any contaminants on the removed clothing and the residue from the wearer’s body following showering.

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